sabato 1 ottobre 2011

SBRT Wunderwaffen

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A.E.P. / BLACK SEASOF INFINITY "Split CD"             Malignat musical annihilation from Black Metal to Dark Ritual
APPARITION "Black Musa From The East Empire"      What a killer devastating act into Black Metal from Korea
ARALLU "Desert Battles - Descenting To The..."          Mesopotamian middle-eastern Satanic Black Metal - great
ARCANE GRAIL "Arya Marga - Ninefold Path to The..."Melodic Symphonic Black in the Cradle vein with female voice
AURIGA "Chains Of Despair"                                     Dramatic 6 tracks EP for a jewel of purest Nihilistic Black Metal
CAPITIS DAMNARE "Black Stigmatized"                   Occult and satanic warmachine into the best Black Metal
DARK VISION "Bestial Remedy"                               Arcane and depressive Black Metal a la Rotting Christ - MCD
ELIGOR "Ante Lucem"                                             Arcane and misanthropis Black Metal in the Mayhem vein
EVIL DIVINE "Dawn Before The Dawn"                       Melodic Black Metal with sickcore points - ghreat release
EZURATE "An Ending To Revelations"                        Evil and old-fashioned Black Metal . Sick and Evil as a few are
HARVIST "A Gleam In The Night"                              Raw Primitive Pagan Black Metal. Not for trendy Ears
HELVINTR "A Desastrious Collaboration Of Cold…"    Collected works of icy obscurity, full of  misanthropic Black 
INTO DAGORLAD "Apostasie"                                  Old School and furious fast Black Metal from Hell
KIRCHENBRAND "Abgrunde"                                    Black Metal in the name of Death, Hate, Necrophily - Evilish
LOST INSIDE "Cold Days"                                        Depressive, Atmospheric Black Metal From USA. Cold music
MANATARK "Chaos Engine"                                     Blackened Extreme Metal. A dark embrace to the Beast
MITTERNACHT "8 Visions Of The Time Pilgrim"         Symphonic Dark Ambient with some Black Metal touches
MOLOCH "A Journey To The Vyrdin"                          Evilish Black Metal with Ambient parts. Absolutely morbid
MYRKVAR "Als Een Woeste Horde"                          Folk/Viking Metal with Black Metal Influences from Holland
NEPENTE "Atonements"                                           Death Black Metal in the name of Terror, Darkness and Pain 
SACRADIS "Damnatio Memoriae"                              Raw, ugly Black Metal in the vein of Darkthrone, Bathory
SIDUS TENEBRARUM "Born From The Dark Rib"       Extreme Thrash Black Metal from the cradle of hell
SIGNS OF DARKNESS "The 17th Floor"                    Melodic Black Death from Belgium a la Dissection
TAVARON "Architektur Des Schmerzes"                    Black Metal with Suicidal and Deathful killer sounds
THE SEVENTH "Cursed Earth Wasteland"                  Melodic Death Black Metal with a great dose of energy
THURISAZ "Circadian Rhythm"                                  Atmospheric Death/Black Metal with great doomish elements  
TRUNAR "Christs Not Christians"                               Anti-christian Black Metal from Belarus. A killer sick raw release
VOBISCUM "Berchfrit"                                              Ugly Black Metal from Austria - absolutey old style music

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