SBRT 001 Pork Delikateszen “Quindas-dasdòt”  CD SOLD OUT
SBRT 002 Asghath “Svb Magna Aquila” Tape  SOLD OUT
SBRT 003 Morbid Evil “Morbid Evil” Tape SOLD OUT
SBRT 004 Il Male “Harsh Okkvlten Noiszeria” SOLD OUT
SBRT 005 Decreto K “Pressione Antisociale Costante” SOLD OUT
SBRT 006 Grozeth Nebulae “Insanity” CDR
SBRT 007 Cannibal Giant “World of fucking shit” CD
SBRT 008 Brazgotina "Nevihta Nelagodia" Tape SOLD OUT
SBRT 009 Idraulic Hell "Faxit" CD 
SBRT 010 Walls of Bukhara "Walls of Bukhara" Tape SOLD OUT
SBRT 011 Orcrist “Slaged Ved Trollheim” Tape
SBRT 012 Orcrist “Black Blood Raised” Tape
SBRT 013 Orcrist “We Come in War” Tape
SBRT 014 Agonia Black Vomit "Satanik Black Vomit" Tape
SBRT 015 Mannepenis "Anal Holocaust" Tape SOLD OUT
SBRT 016 Devotion Omega "Carpe Ego Sathanas" Tape SOLD OUT
SBRT 017 Acheronte "Genesis of Evil EP"  CD
SBRT 018 War Plague/Pork Delikateszen "Der Warpork Plaguemafia" CD SOLD FUCKING OUT!!!
SBRT 020 Helveteraper "Schwarze Zerstorer" Tape

Abigail "Eastern Force of Evil: Abigail's tribute to Sigh
Abigail/Chainsaw Carnage "Satan Plays Speed Metal"
Abigail/Hate Kommand "Street War Metal Kommand"
Abigail/Unholy Graves "Tribute to Acid"
Abigail/Vorkuta "Speed Metal Motherfuckers"
Bowel Stew/Splatter Whore "Outhouse Espionage/Untitled"
Hate Forest "Resistance"
Hate Forest "Darkness"
Nunslaughter "Blasphemer"
Nunslaughter "Blood Devil"
Nunslaughter "Evil Speaks"
Nunslaughter "Hell on Belgium"
Nunslaughter "Hell on Spain"
Nunslaughter "Hell on Switzerland"
Nunslaughter "Metal Assault on Melbourne"
Nunslaughter "Metal Assault on Brisbane"
Nunslaughter "Tasting the Blood of your Savior"
Nunslaugher/Cianide "Sickened By The Sight Of Christ/Untitled"
Nunslaughter/Centinex "Hail Germania"
Nunslaughter/Derketa "Begotten Son/ Evil Dreams"
Nunslaughter/Destructor "Death in Hell/Watcher of the Night"
Nunslaughter/Destruktor "Satanic Salvation/Live Desecration"
Nunslaughter/Dr. Shrinker "split"
Nunslaughter/Goatsodomy "split"
Nunslaughter/Radiolokator "split"
Nunslaughter/Mutilated Messiah "Maggots"
Nunslaughter/Bloodsick "split"
Nunslaughter/Throneum "Bedeviled"
Nunslaughter/Gravewurm "split"
Nunslaughter/Rabid "Split"
Nunslaughter/Haemorrhage "Cut your God Out/ Feasting on Purulence"
Nunslaughter/Unholy Grave "How Cold the Grave/Anger Explosion"
Sabbat "Icelandic and Greenlandic Demonslaught"
Sabbat "Sabbatical Demonslaught"
Sabbat "Brazilian Demonslaught"
Sabbat/Gorgon "split"
Sabbat/Desaster "Anniversarius"

CD 5€

A.A.V.V. “Black Tears of Death Vol. VIII”
Abhorer “Unholy Blasphemer”
Abrasive “Devotion”
Aetherius Obscuritas “Ventus”
Alnamrood “Alnamrood”
Ancient “ Det Glemte Riket”
Ancient “Early Howling Winds”
Antropofagus “Alive Is Goos… Dead is Better”
Apparition “Black Musa From The East Empire”
Ascendancy “Rise of a Dead Empire”
Balberith “Darkness.Death.Legion”
Black Circle “Behold My Visions and Wisdom”
Black the Sky “Simplistic Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
Black Scorn ”Pagan Sacrifice”
Bland Vargar “Notturno 11"
Bleak Forest “Fog over the Highlands”
Bloodbastard “Next to Dissect”
Bomberos “Fire Station by the Cemetery”
Carnyx “Leaving Reason”
Cauldron Black Ram “Skulduggery”
Cortege Funebre/Into Dagorlad “Split”
Cripple Bastards “Your Lies in Check”
Cumchrist “Cumplete”
Deathsquad “Bestial Domination”
Deathwork “Three Gates to Death”
Dimentianon “Seven Suicides”
Disaster K.F.W. “Death Ritual”
Discordance “Unborn Disease”
Disgorge “Gore Blessed to the Worms”
Dyster “Fallen Suicided & Forgotten”
Elgor “ Ante Lucem”
Evilnasty “Necromaniac Blood”
Fibrogangrenosa Pustulogranulomatosa Extrena / Ingested Lobotomized Remains / Abhorrent Abortion / Voluptuous Anal Prolapse “Necrobodies Examiners” (super-split)
Fluisterwoud “Langs Galg en Rad”
From Beyond “Endtime”
Front Beast/Mephisto “In League With Evil Metal”
Funeral Rape “A Chainsaw in the Cunt”
Gravespawn “Thus Reigns the Imperial Order of Tartaros”
Grinder Mafia “First Reich”
Grumo “Voglio vederti sprofondare”
Hateful “Colis of a consumed paradise”
Hell Militia “last station on the road to death” (digipack)
Hobnailed “Inhuman Doomsday Scenario”
Horrid “The Final Massacre” 
Hyperborean Desire/Svardenvyrd “Uovy usvit”
In League with Satan “In League with Satan”
Into Dagorlad “Apostasie”
Kirchenbrand “Abgründe”
Kriegere Wolf “The Ancient Culture To Kill”
Malignacy “Cross Species Transmutation””
Malvento “Oscuro Esperimento Contro Natura” 
Mucous Scrotum “Hall of The Slain”
Myrkvar “Als een Woeste Horde”
Neil Patrick Harrisz “Crushing Bulldozer Sludge Episode I”
Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium/Reptile “split”
Necroccultus “Encircling the Mysterious Necrorevelation”
Nekrokrist SS “Nekrokrist SS”
Nocturnal “Thrash with the Devil”
Octagon “Artisans of Cruelty”
Oxides Razor “Autophagia”
Pyre “Behold a Pale Horse”
Recreant/Unbirth  “Aspire to Deviance”
Sacradis “Damnatio Memoriae”
Satanel “Nato dal Fuoco” 
Scratching Soul “War Expertience”
Setherial “Lords of the Nightrealm”
Signs of Darkness “The 17th floor”
Siksakubur “The Carnage”
Tavaron “Architektur Des Scmerzes”
Terdor “Axis Panzerzug Anno November 1942”
The Ancient War “Riding on the Hills of Death”
Throneum “The Unholy Ones”
Typhus “Profound Blasphemous Proclamation”
Vampiria “Among Mortals”
Won “La Nebbia dell’Antica Religione”
Xeper “Matrix Divina Satanas”
Vomitor “Bleeding the Priest/Roar of War”
Zora “Undisciplined Violent Aggression”
Zuriarts “Kesakitan Abadi”

CDR 1€

A.A.V.V. “The best Italian Coroners -21 ways split-”
Agamenon Project/Pukat Harimau “Split” x3
Anal Fissure/Discreate “Ultra Raw molestation for the Gay Band’s Within the Scene Split Album” x3
Anal Teratoma/Boiling Point/Neisseria Gonorrhoeae/Gutted Boots/Shit Fucking Shit “Cannibal Noizers” x3
Boneache “Fun with Dead Chings” x3
Bordel Sonore “The Grotesque Shits”
Burnt Cross/Into Disorder “Split”
Deep Fried Embryo/PxMxSxZx “Split”
Dockalfar “Silent Path of the Gray Forest”
Emorragia “Emorragia cerebrale” x25
Ezcaton “Nekroanimals”
Fuck Humanity/ Infected Gastroenteritis “The Two Final Medical Treatments For Fucking Humanity Infected With Gastroenteritis” x3
Funeral of God “Promo”
Fusion Limit “Thrash Against Authority”
Graveless Souls “ Il respiro della montagna”
Melanocytic Tumors of Uncertain Malignant Potential “Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever”
Melanocytic Tumors of Uncertain Malignant Potential/Extrahepatic Bile Duct/Trabecular Hepatocellular Carcinoma/Dissected “4Way Myelodysplastic Syndrome Split”
Morbus “Damnatus”
Necrovomit “Corrupt yourself with the Bonecrushing Evil Noise! Baptize your Soul in the Goat’s Black Blood River of NecroVomit”
Noizabeest “First Session”
Nuclear Anticristo/Ogriastic Pleasures “Bazooka Goat War Metal” (Split)
Rancid Flesh/Triturador/Industrial Noise “Split”
Red Bible Black “Red Bible Black”
Shit Fucking Shit/The People’s Noise Project “Cannibal Delicacies”
The Gangbang Theory  “Disciples of Porn” x3
The Gangbang Theory  “Raped by Abominable Depravity”
Trabecular Hepatocellular Carcinoma “Bladder: Keratinizing Squamous Metaplasia –Promo-“
Urlo Nero “Abbi Fede”
Vomitomb “The End” x19
Wear And Tear “Abyss”
Wear And Tear “Il Declino della Società Moderna”
Wear and Tear “Iperuranio”
    Xeper “Promo 2012”

Tapes 3 €

A.A.V.V. “Black Metal Bund Brandeburg”
Absolutist “Blasphemy” x3
Afflictis Lentae “Chaos Fire Hate”
Ampütator “Deathcult Barbaric Hell” x4
Anima Infernalis  “Walk in the perdition of a lost world”  x4
Anima Infernalis “ Depressed With Myself”  x4
Ars Diaboli “The Absence of Light”
Astarium “Ostracism of Anachoret” x5
Astarium “Winter Growths (Part I) x3
Barracuda “in carna”
Battalion “Soldiers of Evil
Black Pentagram Cult “No Mercy Shown” x3
Bloody Monarchy “Masacrados”
Blutenstrasse/Ordo Templi Orientis/Winter Depression/Moloch “…Und Monoton Herbstlinien”
Brutality Reigns Supreme/Gruesome  Stuff Relish “Brothers in gore”
BugsXBunny “Demo”
Chernaya Vdova “From the Unholy Nineties”
Corrupt Humanity/Sordo “Split” x2
Cumming Jehovah “Throne of Black Priest”
Cumming Jehovah “Demo 3”
Cursed Christ “Supreme Celebration of the Eternal Blasphemy” x4
Dead “Hanging Illusions” x4
Deadly Carnage “Decadenza”
Deformity “Obsessed with Death” x2
Demolizer “Possesed (Demo 2010) x2
Demonic Cremator “Blizzard of Hate” x5
Devastator/Amputator “split”
Dom Draucul “Attack on the Crucified”
Electrocution “Inside the Unreal” x3
Et Verbi Sathanus “Satan Warlike” x4
Evil Wrath “A Pact with Satan…the Fall of Man”
Fecalove/Orgasm Denial “Split tape”  x3
Fuck Humanity/ WxIxHxPxWxHxCx “Split  x4
Gravestench “III”
Hal Hutchinson “Tape Destruction Session”  x3
Hate Kommand “Kommand of Hate”
Hatestorm “Cursed Rituals”
Heathen “Wandrer”  x4
Hecatomb “As the Ash Feeds
Helvetespine “hymner til doden og morket”
Ilkim Oulanem/Lux Serpent Of Eden “Sixth Hell Of The East IV”
Impure Possession “Impura Impiedad Bastarda” x4
In Tenebris Flamma Trinitas “In Tenebris Flamma Trinitas” x2
Indch Libertine/ Ecoute la Merde “Split” x3
Infernal Goat “The longest day of Pain”
Infernal Goat “Promo 999”
Infernal Goat “Bestial Passion”
Inferno “Fucking Funeral Attack 1997-2004”
Internally Mutilated/Anal Birth/Biocyst/Vomitoma “4way repulseorhea split tape”
Khashm “Portals of Inferno”
Kozelinik “Wretched in Ruins of Solitude”
Kozmik Krypt “Of Filth, Foulness and Vulgarity”
Kuumat “Jumalattomat Trokartt”
Lado Obscuro “O Inferno por…”
Lindisfarne “Vatican Bitches”
Livjatan “Witchcraft”
Lord Green/Maltcross  “split”
Macrofago “School of Pain”
Melanolcytic Tumors of Uncertain Malignant Potential/ Melted Wrong Illegal Abortion Procedure with Alarming Consequences/Herophilus “Split” x2
Mixomatosis/ Intestinal Disorge/ M. D. K./ Urophagia “4 way carbonization” x3
Moloch “Ein düsterer Winter kommt” x3                 
Moloch “II”
Mons Veneris “The Last Twilight of Existence”
Morbid Funeral “Dead I am”
Morbid Goat Fornicator “Nuclear Vaticano”
Mordhel “Hades Revenit”
Muerte “Saprophagya” x2
Necro Erotic Narcotica/ Straightrazor Snuff Stigma “Split” x3
Necroripper “Rhearsal From The Grave” x4
Necrosexual Rites “…See You In Hell, Bitch!!!”
Nefario “Evil Metal” x4
Neverchrist “Corrosive Rivers of Blood” x2
Noize Torture/Amnogomusikmalo  “split tape”
Northaunt “barren land”
Nostalgia “Finally Reaching the End”
Nurnen “Demo MMV”
Opus Morte “Black Fog”
Perverse “Blunt of Stench”
Polterkrist “The Death Cell”
Progetto: ChaosGoat666 “Cosmic Eraser of Lifeforms” x3
PxMxSxZx/Stillnox/NxPxCx “Three Way Inferno Laniero Noisecore”
Ravendark Monarchal Canticle “Sentinelas no front!”
Ritualmord “Black metal Punks”
Saturn Form Essence “A other side of cosmic beings” x3
Satanic “Muerte a cristo”
Satanic Blood “Untold Prophecies”
Seges Findere “The Southern Warbeasts”
Skeeltron “Black Clouds”
Swellpain “Rise of Averison”
Tann “Bergwald” x2
Tersajung13 “Land of Dead EP”
The Black Goat Order “Les Vieux Jours”
Tomb “Sacrilegium”
Total Genocide “Satan’s Executioner”
Tuco/PxMxSxZx “Raid in Vatic-anus”
Uptore “Uptore” x2
Veinen “Black Hypnosis”
Vow Dreams “Secret Spirit”
Vultur “Sulphureous Abyss”
Vulvapest/Ravendark Monarchal Canticle “Monarchal Pest” x4
Wargoatcult “The law of the Nuclearmageddon”
Weareth End “void”
Weareth End “Jesus Bitches Rehars-hell”
Weareth End “Necromorph”
Warfront “Incendiary Warkommand”
Waste of Life “ Winter Depression”
Wear And Tear “Vacuum”
Wear And Tear/Uruk Hai “Darkness and the blood of trees” 

DVD 5€

Ezcaton Visual Artist
Intellect Kollapse (Music by Profanum)


    Black Mass # I
    Black Mass #II

T-SHIRTS 10€ (M, L, XL)
Agonia Black Vomit (anche S)
    In League with Satan
    Sacrificial Tapes